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Dear Alan & steamboatong colleagues:
The 'Pic o' the Week,' Cincinnati landing, 1866, is a classic. Alan Bates may have a better handle on identifitying the beauties tied up in this scene. Anyway, this photo is bound to elicit more ideas and steamboat 'forensics.'

Now, let's see. The center wharfboat serves the old U.S. MAIL LINE as evidenced in other photos and drawings of the period. Lots of activity with wagons bearing freight for loading. One or two human figures in evidence. Hard to tell what season of the year but river obviously at a decent pool. What amazes me about these similar photos is the way freight was dropped so close to the water's edge. No doubt, with boats leaving with such regularity, it didn't remain there long. Records indicate that such wharfboats did allow landing by steamers in other trades if their own vessels were not in port--on a commission basis, naturally.

The hills in Covington on the far side appear to have some trees but slopes pretty much denuded. Not clear enough to see if leaves on trees. I've sleuthed but can't find evidence of any pier work for the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Time of day? Possibly mid to late afternoon with the smoke billowing from the steamboat stack and the slant of shadows on the upper decks. Probably within hours of sailing time. Who knows?

R. Dale Flick
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