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Default Humor and fun on Steamboats

I remember back in the good ol days as a Deckhand on the Mississippi Queen occasionally we would have fun with the passengers and throw a little light hearted humor out and fool with them. Things such as a Pax would ask how many Knots we were going and I'd say oh no sir we go by Kilometers per hour. Or they'd ask if there was an Auto-Pilot and Id say no sir we have a Riverboat Pilot. And back in those days there was no Riverlorian or Narrarator to make point of interest announcements so some of the Pilots would take that initiative. The one that sticks out in my mind is Capt. Ted Davisson. Ill never forget the first time I heard it I was making deck rounds checking trashcans and ashtrays and an anouncement came over by Ted that said "Ladies and Gentlemen if you will look to your Starbord side you will see a herd of genuine Louisiana Deer" well the boat dang near listed to starbord within minutes as all the Pax were moving to the starbord side to see a herd of Herford cattle. The other one was as we were passing St. Francisville one time and they had these sand or salt domes that I think the Corps. used and Ted came over the loudspeaker anouncing " to the port side of the vessel we will be passing the Pyramids of St. Francisville" and again the boat took a list, this time to Port. I seem to recall another anouncement as we passed a dredge about a Government Sand mining operation. Those were the days...
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