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Default John Bowman , Model Builder

Taylor ,
Thanks for the lead and name for some one to build a quality steamboat model for me ! There is a Bisso , tug boat Captain that builds quality models of tug boats and he has built a few for me but I would really appreciate a quality model of some other type vessel !
Over my years of working in the inland marine industry , there are very few tow boats that I personally consider " model worthy " , but having said that I think that two of the more attractive tow boats are actually sister ships which are the former Rose Barge Line boats , the American Beauty and the Crimson Glory , both identical and carry the theme of home grown American roses . In my opinion these are the two most attractive and graceful tow boats ever built for the American marine industry ! In fact , I decked and steered on both of these boats and it was a " labor of love " to do both !
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson

Originally Posted by Taylor Abbott View Post
Captain Davisson,

You might consider John Bowman of Wheeling, WV. He has built a number of steamboat models for the past several years. His models include the Homer Smith, City of Wheeling, Sidney,New Orleans, and five Civil War gunboats among others. He also restored a model of mine that was built by my great-uncle Robert G. Thomas in 1973, the showboat "Eisenbarth and Henderson's Modern Temple of Amusement." He does an excellent job and is extraordinarily detailed in his work.

Mr. Bowman has donated several of his models to the Point Pleasant, WV River Museum, the Monroe County River Museum in Clarington, OH, and has built models for customers. In addition to model building, he is a noted historian of steamboats and Civil War Era and has authored three books:

"Wheeling: The Birthplace of the American Steamboat"
"A Pictorial History of Wheeling and Ohio River Steamboats"
"Steamboats on the Western River in the Civil War"

Perhaps contact him at his email address and see what he could do for you. Just a suggestion!

-Taylor Abbott
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