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Default Adieu to the ADMIRAL

Thanks to all for the inevitable sad news and images concerning the final journey today of the ADMIRAL. Many of us "elders" on this board have enjoyed riding "the big silver boat" on both daytime and moonlight cruises when she was still a steam sidewheeler. It was a unique thrill to roam the lengthy decks, hear the blasts of the 4 barrel whistle (from the Streckfus Str. J.S. Deluxe) and the steamy tunes reverberating around the riverfront from the calliope, formerly on the Streckfus Str. CAPITOL. Also awesome was watching the huge dancefloor moving up and down (often seeming to keep time with the orchestra!) as the giant vessel, usually with a capacity crowd of 4,000 aboard, cruised up and down the Mississippi.

Just last week I had visitors at the museum, a delightful couple from St. Louis, who told me that their first date was aboard the ADMIRAL in the 1950's. Although not steamboat fanatics, they, like many of us, are mourning the loss of the unique excursion steamboat that was long an icon of St. Louis and will always occupy a prominent place in river history.

Farewell Steamer ADMIRAL.
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