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Default Small World!

Yesterday afternoon, the co-curators of the "By the River's Edge" exhibit were interviewed on camera for an upcoming promotional video. The videographer, when viewing a small upholstered chair from the box seating on the SHOWBOAT GOLDENROD told me that he was a native of St. Louis and had attended many shows and ragtime festivals aboard the showboat in the 1960's and early 70's. He also knew about Ruth Ferris' Midship Museum aboard the Str. BECKY THATCHER. He asked about the other old boats at St. Louis and was, however, somewhat taken aback when I told him that the HUCK FINN is now here at Louisville as the SPIRIT OF JEFFERSON, the minesweeper INAUGURAL sank during the 1993 flood, the LT. ROBERT E. LEE was destroyed by fire last year and that the Str. ADMIRAL is currently being scrapped. That last one really floored him, as he said his family often rode the huge sidewheel steamer on both daytime and moonlight excursions.

Time rolls on, like the river, and brings many changes!
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