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HI all,
Been busy at the National S Gauge train convention in Sacramento.
Yes, that's a photo of the DK tied up at, I believe, the west side of the Sacramento river just below the Tower Bridge, and 1969 seems about right.
Someone cut the windows in when she was in the Stockton area, and yes, that did lead to her sinking for many months at Rio Vista a few years later. I believe that when she was at Rio Vista the boilers and the stack were removed. The stack went across the river to Isleton, where it is still, serving as a storage shed.
Hope this helps some. I didn't dig into records to check exact dates, so y'all will have to trust my "state-of-the-art" RIM memory unit. (RIM=Randomly Inaccessible Memory)
Later, must get sleeeep so can get up early and try to beat morning rush into Sac.
David D.
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