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Originally Posted by Wesley Paulson View Post
Dear Steamboaters,

This question comes from Vacation Steamboat School.
Can someone date this photo? Is this post-Alaska, and is that the stack that is still somewhere in California, river and the subject of an earlier post?

Many thanks.

David Dewey is the one in the know on this, and I hope he'll correct me if I'm wrong. As I understood the history, both the King and Queen had the portholes, but somewhere along the line, post Kitimat the KING has windows cut into her hull? Which were later covered back over, and these larger openings were a big contributor to one or both of her sinkings.

I may be wrong on that, and the reason I say that is today the King has portholes in place, and one would assume they would just have plated over the windows and not spent the extra money to put portholes back in.

As to the stack, that is indeed the same stack that is in Isleton, CA being used as some sort of storage shed. There is a photo of it floating around somewhere.
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