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Default Thanks!

Thank you, Jo Ann, for your kind comments! I hope all steamboat buffs and buffettes who live in the area, or who are visitors, will take the opportunity to view the exhibition, which includes artifacts that are rarely displayed to the public. These relics will be returned to their owners after July 31st.

Attached herewith are several images from the past week:
(1) Floyd County historian and exhibition chair David Barksdale hangs a large photo of the New Albany-Portland ferry boat MUSIC.
(2) Co-Curators Dave and Keith display some of the steamboat treasures in the exhibit; a silver water pitcher and an elaborately braided bell cord pull from the Str. ROBT. E. LEE, built at New Albany in 1866. Painting (done on a door) in background of the Str. UNION, done by New Albany artist George Morrison in the 1860's -- and purchased at a yard sale by a local collector in 1937!
(3) The "steamboat cabin" display area of the exhibition. Suspended portion of cabin arch from ROBT. E. LEE, steamboat cabin tables, bell cord pull from the LEE.
Attached Thumbnails
"By the River's Edge" Steamboating Exhibit to Open on Friday-steamboat-exhibit-na.jpg   "By the River's Edge" Steamboating Exhibit to Open on Friday-steamboat-exhibit-na-2.jpg   "By the River's Edge" Steamboating Exhibit to Open on Friday-steamboat-exhibit-na-3.jpg  

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