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Default *RE: BADGER coal/Smoke/Fuel laws*

Hi, Pete:
Thanks for the link above RE: SS BADGER on Lake Michigan and coal problems. Frank Prudent mentioned something similar to this a while back. When I posted about the new fuel/smoke laws I received one or two critiques from individuals who "didn't like it." Too bad, so sad. Bad news travels fast and the ancient custom of 'killing the messenger' went out in feudal times--I think.

The new fuel/smoke laws are explicit, stringent, apparently with no exceptions or exemptions. This not good for the BADGER's operation. Even putting aside the romance of her history and steam operation, the ship is vital to the cross lake passenger, truck, car business. Keep us posted. A recent commentator in 'PowerShips' [Formerly STEAMBOAT BILL] wisely advised, "Vist that favorite boat or ship of yours now when you have the chance as it may not be there in another year." Cheers!

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