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Judy, Deb and I received a postcard special offering on Monday with the name DQSC all over it offering 20% off and free air on all DQ/MQ/AQ cruises through mid-May. If memory serves as I don't have the postcard here at work, the special is good for all cruises except for one cruise with each boat, typically the end of April, for the DQ I suspect this would be the Belle race. And you have to book before December 21st to get the special, I believe. It sounds like your insert you received is the same one Deb and I got.

It is funny that the special was not addressed to us but to a close friend of my Dad's wife. We have a DQ cruise booked for my Dad's wife and her friend to give them a 'taste'. As far as American Classic Voyages, DQSC, Delaware North or MAL, the Krause's have never existed. We never receive anything from the company unless I repeatedly request it from the website. Strange appreciation of customers, don't you think? The Paddlewheeler? Never seen one.

You received a 2007 brochure? I just requested one as well as registering my email address on the new website. Maybe this time we'll be on their radar...

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