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Maybe Majestic America Line people have read Don's tales and assume like hundreds of his audiences at lectures that its the truth !!

There maybe a connection with Mark Twain and the DQ bell though. This has been kicked around with the "wise men" at S & D several times. It's certain that no connection exists with any boat Sam Clemens served on as steersman or pilot, but possibly connects to his trip in 1882.

The boat Clemens rode from St. Louis to New Orleans on in 1882 was the Str. Gold Dust, an Anchor Line boat, built by Howards. Now the Gold Dust exploded in August of 1882. Just a few months later the Str. City of St. Louis was completed at Howards for the Anchor Line. There has been speculation that the Gold Dust bell was placed on the new boat. We do know for sure that the Str. City of St. Louis bell went on the Str. Queen City, then to the towboat John W. Hubbard ( now Mike Finks) and then to the DQ. Anybody with more thoughts on subject ???
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