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I got off the m/v MAGNOLIA yesterday about 11:30 at Vidalia Dock & Storage's fleet boat dock. Much construction of a temporary floodwall was being finished up at the hospital and the Comfort Inn. The lot was beginning to flood where we had to get off, and we rode about 100 feet through the ankle-deep water in the bucket of a front-end loader so we wouldn't get our feet wet going to the car.

The river was flowing VERY fast. In slack water with the 6 barge tow we had, we can make a little over 9 mph. We were making 2.2 through the bridge.

I am glad to be off and finally at home. The bad part is, the river crests at N.O. 2 days before I get back on, so I'll deal with another month of high water, at least, when I go back!

The pool at Kentucky on Saturday was 372; normal pool is 359. All that water will have to be dribbled out over the next couple of weeks, as well as other reservoirs in the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.
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