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That brings me to a famous quote from a famous riverman whom I will not attribute it to here (for obvious reasons).

"Excursion boating would be the greatest job ever if we didn't have to haul passengers".

Maybe that quote would have more merit if he had said, "if we get to hand pick our passengers".

But then, where would all the great stories come from if we didn't have the pax?

On the "Boats formerly known as the DQSCo. boats", we always had fun questions the first day of any cruise on any of the boats. My favourites are, "Do these stairs go up?", and "Do you all all live on the boat or do you go home at night" (in reference to the vessel's staff)..

In so many ways, even the pax add to the colour of a cruise on the river. Be it in a positive or negative way, I have to say they make for great stories!

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