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Default DQSC New Policy for 2007

Hi Jo Ann,

Thanks for starting this topic.

Although we donīt know the new prices yet I fear that this years cruise might be our last one. The point which are hitting us most is the 50 % rule for 3rd/4th passenger (including children). Kids up to 17 were free in a triple so far. The other thing are those announced seasonal prices. As we are forced to travel in August-MidSep we can be sure to face the highest prices.

For sure itīll be a very sad day for us when we have to admit that we canīt afford another cruise.

By the way, this new policy isnīt on the DQSC website yet. For those having a closer look on the DQSC website you might have realized that the old logo has gone and DQSC got a new name "Delta Queen Steamboat Company Operations, LLC" and that it "is a susidiary of American West Steamboat Company".

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