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Steamboating colleagues:
Something went PFFT! as I was signing off the last posting. The ENQUIRER photo with the article Re: Paul Underwood pictures him in full uniform with gold braid hat standing in front of a DELTA QUEEN life preserver holding the habitual cigarette in hand al la Humphrey Bogart. He was short, as Alan says, but very dapper.

Years back I was around both Paul and Harris Underwood on the DQ but have to admit I kept my distance at my young age. They awed and intimidated me for sure--but not intimidating men as I look back now. I need to get Jane Greene's memories of them. First time I met Paul was as a kid when my late father took me down to the DELTA QUEEN in the 1950s. Dad represented the City of Cincinnati Safety Division/Cincinnati Public Landing and always maintained strong links to the GREENE LINE in case they needed any assistance. Paul talked to my dad and then led us down to the cook house. Dad got a big cup of wonderful DQ coffee and me a ham sandwich. Yummy!

As posted earlier on this web, the GREENE LINE paid many of the employees in cash sealed in a white envelope from the front office. Watching Paul Underwood on pay day was something. I saw him sitting in a chair on the front deck at the foot of the main stairs with envelopes in his lap. Cook house, porters, cabin attendants were there and Paul would softly call out their names and hand them the envelopes. It was a ritual, for sure. Please remember, I was never an employee of the GREENE LINE or, for that matter, never worked on a steamboat. The Navy and ocean ships were my haunts. Oh, the memories and thanks to you all. Well, what do I know?

R. Dale Flick
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