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Sam, we used the Belle to tow the Renown to the surge basin several times. We just lashed her on the Belle's hip and took her down with us.
Here is an incident with Paul:
We stored the stage in the wharfboat (the Renown) for the winters. On this occasion Paul gave me minute instructions for moving the boat and getting the stage through the overhead garage door on the Renown. He told me to get out a head line and a spring line, among other things. It was a beautiful calm day; no wind, no current, just perfect.
So we backed down and started toward the Renown. I was on the wing bridge and Paul was steering. The stage went in that doorway as if it were going home - no lines or anything. So I stood there and watched and let her come. Without warning, Paul suddenly backed the boat and I yelled "Stop her!" It was no use. He backed out into the river and I went to the pilothouse for a conference.
Paul asked, "Why didn't you get out the lines?"
I told him she was floating in pretty as a picture and we didn't need the lines. He insisted that we do it his way, so we went at it again. A spring line was run to a ringbolt on the wharf. A headline was run to a kevel of the stern of the Renown. Two deckhands ran themselves half to death setting up. This time the Belle got contrary - nothing went right and I yelled to Paul, "You come out here and I'll steer!"
He laughed and I laughed and we went back to work.

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