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Dear Bob & Tom:
The thread here on 'steamboat uniforms' gets longer and longer with great interest. Bob, your "two cents worth" is on the money in my book and most interesting.

Yes, Tom, there were, as you know, a number of clothing manufacturers here in the old days. I recall--vaguely--they were centered more to the west on 4th St. here. That area was something of the garment district for Cincinnati. I'll run down the name of the company located in the Pugh Building next to Taft Museum [*Now being converted to expensive condos with a view of Lytle Park, Mt. Adams and the river.] My aunt, now in her mid 80s, was an officer manager for that company but I can't recall if it was 'Pettibone' or not.

Bob is correct about much of the present regalia work being done out of the country [*Asia] using new high speed computer weaving processes. Keep your eyes open next time any of you visit a big flea market as some of these gold/silver embroidered steamboat/steamship insignias are now appearing on the market. Also keep an eye open for such items as: steamboat/steamship cutlery, dishes, cups, serving implements and even old stateroom keys from boats and ships. I've uncovered a few white porcelain pieces with the letters L & C imposed over each other. Can't trace for sure if any are from the old L&C LINE here. Tom, glad to know there's a concern here carrying on the business.

R. Dale Flick
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