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Default Steamers Service Company?

Here's an interesting quote from the Streckfus Steamers magazine of the time:

"A giant, air-conditioned, streamlined excursion boat--said to be the largest ever built for that use on American inland waterways--will be placed in service here next June by Streckfus Steamers, Incorporated. The vessel, a departure from conventional riverboat design also in that it is free of exterior decorative "gingerbread", is 374 feet long-more than a city block-and has five decks, two of which are air-conditioned and three open. Its steel hull is divided into 74 compartments, as many as 11 of which may be flooded with the boat still remaining afloat, according to the company announcement, made on its purchase of the vessel at an undisclosed price, from its builders, Steamers Service Company. The steamer had been a 'mystery boat' during the two years it was under construction here. No name has been chosen for the vessel, but Capt. Joe Streckfus says there will be an official christening ceremony in the spring."

Was Steamers Service Company a way for SSI to take money from one pocket and place it into another? Everything done above board, I'm certain, and surely a sound business maneuver.
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