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Wow, the river is low there, huh? When I get there in December for my cruise I guess I will just walk aboard on the top deck of the cruise ship! No catwalks this time! He, he, he!

Isn't it great the boats are getting busy down there again? With the NATCHEZ running 3 cruises a day, they just might start to rebuild from what has been 4 really scary years back into the beauty that was New Orleans! It is such good news to hear someones economy is kinda getting back to normal!

You'd think they would be interested in renting that space to you so it is making some kind of money...instead of letting it sit there empty generating no income! Alas, people don't think like that anymore. You know, the old timey "anything is better than nothing" mindset.

Looking forward to more posts from down in the Big Easy. Can't wait to see how the MQ is doing. I will be there in about 5 weeks myself and had hoped to stop by there and pay my last respects to her.

Have a great time down there. With this weather, I know you will!

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