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Default Thanks, and more questions...

Thanks for the postings, Judy. Some on this board may not know that the Streckfus's tore down the ALBATROSS and built the ADMIRAL without going near an established shipyard, an amazing feat. Similar, in a way, to what Capt. Tom Meanley did when he built his boats, as we discussed on this board last month. The Streckfi did it on a MUCH larger scale, though!

One question I have concerning those powder rooms: With all that frou-frou and tassels on the stools, etc., what did that entail as far as cleaning went? Capt. Jim already said the men's rooms were utilitarian, and we all know how excursionists can trash the rest rooms (especially on teenage dance cruises and fraternity trips!), but did the ladies have more respect for their surroundings? I would think it would still have been a nightmare to clean.

Judy, your mention of Dick Billings brought back memories. For those on here who don't know, Dick Billings ran Tri-State Bank Travel Tours out of the bank of the same name in East Moline, IL for years. They had their own fleet of busses, and took all kinds of tours and chartered the DELTA QUEEN for a block of time each year and ran trips on the Upper Mississippi ranging from 2 to 5 days in length. These would seem to be odd embarkation and debarkation points to steamboaters today: trips like Davenport to Dubuque, Dubuque weekend, Prarie DuChein to St. Paul and such. It was really a good deal for the consumer, as it gave people a chance to take a short trip for a reasonable amount of money. Many fell under the DQ's spell this way and it was a great way to introduce them to the wonderful world of steamboating. Is Dick still living?
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