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Default SS ADMIRAL photos

I'm starting a new thread, for fear some people might be missing out on this topic. We've been having an interesting discussion about the ADMIRAL under the "Picture of the Week" title. Capt. Jim and Annie Blum, both longtime Streckfus and ADMIRAL crew members, have been enlightening us about her history, and several of us have been sharing our remembrances of this late great steamboat. Here are some pix of her under construction. The first one shows the old Streckfus double-decker machine shed/wharfboat?Jim???. The second one shows the steel panels which Jim has pointed out (and I mistakenly thought were of aluminum), and the third picture, taken by Joy Manthey's uncle is really interesting: its the end of one era and the beginning of the next. On the left is the WASHINGTON as she is being dismantled, then the ADMIRAL under construction. If you look below the Eads bridge, you can see the PRESIDENT and two other boats below her. The one next to the PREZ must surely be a Streckfus, but I'm not sure which one.
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