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Dear Dan, Judy & Hank:
Interesting thread on 'Steamboat uniforms' and Judy's photo copies from CINCINNATI REGALIA incredible. Thanks to both Judy and Franz for posting. I noted the prices listed for the gold lettering. Looked here in directories/phone books etc. and see they are no longer listed in business--that I can find. They were located in the old 'Textile Building' here at 4th and Plum St. at one time. I remember back in the dark ages seeing the building with the tailors/embroiders at their machines working on various items.

Great insight on the old ANCHOR LINE and their introduction of steamboat uniforms. I know so little about that great steamboat line and would like to learn more. They were some company if the Joan W. and Thomas H. Gandy book THE MISSISSIPPI STEAMBOAT ERA Keith pointed me to at the Howard Museum gift shop is any indication. The L&C LINE here by the 1890s already had officers/crew in uniforms, which can be seen in some of the old photos of the CITY OF LOUISVILLE etc.

R. Dale Flick
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