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Default More on the ADMIRAL

While most of the board posters are Ohio River oriented, I'd sure like to know more about the ADMIRAL, and I'm sure they would like to broaden their horizons too. I suspect one reason the ADMIRAL hasn't acquired a higher place in steamboat history is the fact that she never tramped or even changed locations occasionally, save for the couple of NOLA stints we've documented already. If you think about it, how many excursion boats of any size worked only one harbor? While the ISLAND QUEEN is tied to Cincinnati history, she went upriver and played Pittsburgh for a couple of weeks each year, and of course that is where she met her demise too. Before the PRESIDENT took up residency in NOLA, she tramped the Upper Miss. Did she ever go on the Ohio? What was the HOMER SMITH's territory? And back to the ADMIRAL, her streamlined aluminum-enclosed design also set her apart from her predecessors. She was built on the 1907 hull of the railroad transfer ALBATROSS, but did she also use its machinery? And my final puzzlement: it seems they claimed she never went upriver because she couldn't get under the Eads Bridge. But she was completely built above it, so she had to clear it at least once. She was built after the Locks and Dams system, so that shouldn't have affected the clearance, unless the newer Chain of Rocks L&D and canal did....Who on this board has ever ridden on the ADMIRAL, or even seen her in person? I suspect the number will be quite low...
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