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Default Soul Food of the '70's

Reckon just Jim Blum, Kenny P. Howe, Jr., and I are left who remember the soul food fiasco of the early 1970's when sow's ear's, pork belly, neck bones, and the like was the bill o' fare down below in the crew's mess. Though I normally love "down home cookin'" the ears and such got tiresome after a while, especially after seeing the waiters, kitchen help, and porters at the next table who'd eased into the back door of the cookhouse where their buds had slipped them the good stuff being served in the Orleans Room.

Once, when a dainty, travel writing lady, who had been dining on the delicacies in the ironwood room above, asked Howard Tate, "Well Captain Tate, how do they feed you on the DELTA QUEEN?"

"Lady," Tate replied, "They slop us like a bunch of hogs!"

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