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Having only been on her once since the lay up of 2008, I was not too happy with what I saw back in May. She didn't look good (paint and deck coatings were in horrible shape and a half-baked scheme to refinish the handrails was underway...but forgotten), the roof was leaking profusely and had caused the bulkhead on the port side of the main deck stairway to the Orleans Room to buckle, she wasn't booked, no one was watching the stage late at night (gate open, and all comers welcomed by no one on the bow at all!), and about every socio-economic group was lazily wandering her decks as I went to bed at 1am on a Sunday morning. Not to mention an un-manned gas grill standing under the eaves of the Texas Lounge against wood with a large propane tank attached! This left a really bad taste in my mouth about the condition of the boat.

Since this adventure I have heard management has changed, bookings are up, security has been added, food service improved, a plan is afoot to get maintenance items addressed (some have been), plans are being discussed to preserve her for the future. Even the sand box has been removed from her bow!

Thank you to Capt. Harry Phillips for his involvement. With out him she wouldn't have made it this far. However, good things are afoot and she looks better already!

I am booked to visit again in November and can't wait to see the difference! With the smoke signals coming out of Chattanooga, I think they are not only on the right track...but, potentially the perfect stewards for her future. Either in her current guise, or if we can get someone in Washington who can help us get her back out to do what she NEEDS to do!

Thank you Bill for your insights from your recent visit to her. Things aren't perfect...but, with quality caring personnel at the helm of the operation it is sounding like things are better already...and headed in a much better direction!

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