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Default Bravo!!!

I admit until this boat came to Chattanooga that I had never seen a true running paddlewheeler. This boat caught me and has held my infatuation since day one. I volunteer and enjoy working on the boat, just wish I had more time to spend with her, but my wife laid down law for that. My goal has always been to ride her and with help I will get to, the hotel manage the boat with great care and have been booked solid almost eavery weekend since August. There is so much I don't know about the operations of the boats, but the love for them is great. I am happy to say my first ride on a steamboat will be next month on the Natchez then next year on the Belle of Louisville. The Delta Queen is my ultimate goal. Thank you for allowing me ro rant, please help me achieve my goal and untill the Queen is released from her custody in Chattanooga come visit and stay to help support the hotel and vist with me who loves stories. All of this will help keep her going untill cruise day.
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