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Default OK< so we all need a paddle wheel fix

Can't wait for an overnight river boat cruise with a paddle wheeler? Well, it may not be steam powered, but try Austraila and the Murray Princes. Here you can experiance a parallel universe version of the DQ/MQ/AQ, sleep overnight, and watch the shore line move by at 12 mph. Diesel powered and hydraulic driven, the owner took a trip on the AQ or MQ many years ago and came back to build the Murray Princes. Although is holds only 85 or so passengers, it is scaled just right for the Murray River. Most passengers are picked up by bus at nearby Adelaide (about 40 miles away) and driven to Murray Bridge or another nearby site.

Attention DQ fans...The MP does not run at night, so perhaps here is a model for future operations until we get congress to get some sense.

While in Australia, for the steam fix try Echuca on the Murray River. Echuca is about 2 hours drive north of Melborne, and features a half dozen or so steam powered side wheelers of various sizes. Sorry all the photos at Echuca were taken years ago on slides and I have yet to get a decent scanner.

Following are of the MP at or near the journey starting point north of Murray Bridge:
1. About to board
2, 3. Internal from the stern lounge. Great place to view the river, but the hydraulic drive was a bit distracting.
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