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Default Str. Mississippi Queen Update !

Greetings From The Harvey Canal ,
The Present Home Port Of The Str. Mississippi Queen !
As of yesterday , the " Remains " of the Str. Mississippi Queen are still in tact and she is still floating at her new " Home Port " , on the Harvey Canal !
Personally , I don't believe that the Ol' Girll will meet the Welders Torch from the simple standpoint of economics that she is still worth more to some one or to some company in her present state rather than in a heap of scrap metal .
The pictures will bear oout that although she is in no doubt a deplorable cosmeticc condition , her vitals and essentials are still in tact . Her hull is still OK , her engines are still OK and her superstructure is still OK .
Sure it will take some one or some company with the deep pockets and the intestinal fortitude to look past the faded paint , broken windows and debris to see her ultimat potential as a possible vessel of their own choosing ! I would just guess thast the new owners could very possibly turn the Str. Mississippi Queen into a Hotel/Casino/Night Club venue especially when you consider all of the attractions that the New Orleans/Gulf Coast region attracts . TIme will tell on a number of matters and issues !
Thats my best guess ! What is yours ??
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson

Originally Posted by Chris Degnan View Post
Any updated news on the Mississippi Queen being scraped in south NOLA?
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