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There is the Behringer/Crawford Museum in Devou Park (part of Covington, Ky) but do not know the current state of their collection/expertise. When I was growing up, Ellis Crawford was the curator and his Grandfather was Henry McClanahan, long-time chief engineer on the CITY OF LOUISVILLE. Ellis KNEW a great deal about the river and river men though he never (I think) worked the river himself. But Ellis, I regret to say is long gone from there. The museum is celebrating 60 years of service and I knew him "Back then". There are about nine Poes listed the Way's PACKET BOAT DIRECTORY and about five listed in his TOW BOAT DIRECTORY. Two great museums are the one you list in Marietta and Cincinnati Library. A visit to the Cincinnati Museum Center should be added to your list (Mrs M'lissa Kesterman at that place). The Howard Museum is a treasure and you need to mine the S&D Reflector for which Alan Bates has supplied an index.
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