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Richard: In the summer of 1955, I worked for Arcose Construction who were building houses in Covedale at that time. I lived in Park Hills and rode the ferry every work day in my '37 Ford over and back. I would take Amsterdam Rd down Dry Creek and over the ferry, up Anderson Ferry Road to Cleves/Warsaw or wherever we were building at the time. Becoming friendly with Mr Kottmeyer...then owner of the ferry, he told me about the conversion to diesel in 1947...not too many years before. He said he still had the steam engines. In later years, I photographed BOONE NO. 7 locked in the ice in 1962 and rode it at Tall Stacks when it was a ferry across the mouth of the Licking Covington/Newport. It is certainly a Boone County icon. It is still moored near the Constance Ferry landing and not in use daily use but appears in fine condition. I assume that it is a diesel/electric else an engineer would of needs man the "offside" wheel. Cap'n Walnut.
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