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Default Boone County, Kentucky Steamboat/s

Boone County, Kentucky has about forty miles of river frontage on the Ohio River. Over the years of steamboating, there were several steam-powered ferries up to and including Boone No. 7 which still is occasionally in service albeit as a diesel-electric powered boat (since about 1947). The only packet boat that comes to my mind was the LEVI J. WORKUM (Way 3431), which was used by a distillery in Petersburg, Ky to carry its product to Cincinnati for trans-shipment. The WORKUM was acquired by L&C Packet Co, rebuilt and re-named KENTUCKY, where it plodded along making "enemies and money" according to Way. The Greene Line acquired her and "quietly chloroformed her" according to Way. A Greene Line calendar of 1965 (Greene Line's 75th anniverasry) sez they ran it from 1923 until 1931. The only photos of it that I know of are on said (JULY/AUG) calendar and in my Fourth Edition of the Ohio River Handbook (pp173). Are any other known to you folks? Are there any other packet or tow boats with provenance that includes ownership, being built there or servicing Boone County, Kentucky? Until the railroads came in the 1870s, Boone County commerce was geared to agriculture and shipping by river. I'd guess that the L&C would service Boone as it was between Louisville and Cincinnati, but I don't know that. Cap'n Walnut
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