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Now you've got me going...I've read about the V-Dub, orange wasn't it? And didn't it float in the Ohio for a while after THE unfortunate experience, in where was it, Paducah? I can identify with the driver, my first experience with a stick shift was a nightmare, too. What ever happened to that VW, is it still providing iron to the Ohio's gamefish?

Other cars? I have a hard time imagining a VW beetle fitting on the stage. And I can't imagine any other brands of cars even beginning to fit, as they were all bigger than a Beetle. And the thought of trying to turn a car, ANY car around on the DQ bow deck, brrrr, instant goosebumps.

I can hope...are there pictures, of any car on the bow/stage of the DQ that posters could share? I vaguely remember seeing a black and white with the VW parked on the bow facing the starboard side...

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