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Read your 'follow' and the question. If the 'single men' in the deck house on the bow had the money they would walk across and up the main stairway to the cabin deck. Meal plans were either al la carte or full plan with meals included. If the night run up from San Francisco--or the other way around--was a short haul until they disembarked many wouldn't eat at all. No doubt a number of the 'single men' were traveling on the cheap. Then again if a guy cleaned up, had decent clothes and could pay for the meal he'd go up to the cabin. I'd make an analogy that these 50 cents rooms were 'Tourist class' or 'Steerage' at best. Society aboard a steamboat or ship was a microcosm of life ashore.

As late at the 1920s here the big L&C LINE did the same with cabins and meal service on the cheap aboard the big CINCINNATI and her sister the classic QUEEN CITY. Full rooms with meals were $5. 'Going deck' was a throw-back to the passengers who crowded on the lower boiler decks in the old days around the boilers, freight and livestock being shipped.

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