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Thanks for your insight. Thanks also to you and Judy for the great pictures.

A follow up question...was the room on the bow directly connected to other occupied areas of the boat? It's doubtful, but did the single men that were housed in that room on the bow access their rooms up from the boiler deck? Or maybe through the side corridors from the car storage area/Orleans dining room? They didn't let the passengers walk out on the bow back then, did they? Doesn't look like there is a whole bunch of room to walk there.

The DQ's railings on the cabin deck are still swung back with a small gangway from time to time. At least that's they way the company has done it at the Baton Rouge "paperclip". Very interesting design what with the mahogany(?) railing being hinged upward on huge brass hinges, while the knee mesh is slid horizontally out of the way...still works pretty good after, what is it, 79 years of use?

Thanks again, I always enjoy your posts.

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