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Ah yes, the Linotype machine. Sam Clemens lost great bucketsfull of money on a mechanical type setting machine. He got tied in with a machine that was far too complicated and failed miserably. The hot type setting machine that triumphed was quite a mechanical fire breathing machine in itself.

The last operating one I saw in regular everyday service in a print shop was in Cairo, IL in a small building right behind the floor wall just a few hundred feet upriver from the entrance through the floodwall where the passenger boats used to dock.

I was in Cairo a couple weeks ago and am sad to report that Smith & Groves is gone, building heavily vandalized.The print shop is closed, building still standing but it too heavily vandalized. For a few seconds considered looking through the broken down plywood used to board up the entrance to see if the linotype machines were entombed but decided in favor of the air conditioned vehicle.

If we thought downtown Cairo IL was rather desolate in the late 60's it will make one cry today.
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