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Default Bells and whistles

Our church still has a bell and uses it each Sunday - much to the chagrin of some of our neighbors. I remember the 2 factory whistles on the old Sash and Door Works on the river. One blew at 7AM, the other at 8AM. I'm sure they blew at other times, but those were what I could hear from home. When they demolished those buildings about 15 years ago, I could see the whistles still high above the rubble, but I don't know who managed to 'acquire' them, it wasn't me. Here's another thing dying rapidly: the key. Probably aren't any skeleton keys still used already, but the programmed cards hotels use now, and now push-button starters on cars - this one I don't get, as you still need to have the key in proximity. I'd rather just insert it into the keyhole instead of laying it down somewhere where I can forget it. Progress? And of course, the key to the lock which the new deckhand would have to go find as the boat approached the lock...
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