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Simply couldn't let this pass without a comment regarding "true airline service". Having grown up in an airline family, (my dad worked for TWA for 38 years) I very much remember what that was like. (I guess transportation had always been in my blood, so when I rode the D.Q., she hooked me on steamboats and the river.Yes, I also like trains.) Living in Dayton, Ohio, I got a "double dose" of airline saturation. My dad got to meet such worthies as Charles Lindbergh, Orville Wright, and Amelia Earhart, not to mention one rather eccentric company owner named Howard Hughes, who helped design my personal favorite plane, the "Connie". I am so grateful that Dad shared these stories around the supper table, and this has kept those times alive for me-a touch to the past. We do the same on this web site, in our gatherings, in your fine old boat column, in the S&D. I sincerely hope we have not seen the end to overnight steamboating, but we must continue to treasure and share our memories,as well as support the excursion steamboats we still have.
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