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Here's a link to Steam trains in the USA.

Surviving Steam Locomotives in the USA

I'm not an expert on either Steam Trains or Steamboats, but I would suspect that most steam locomotives in the US are in the Rockies & West. I know of several railroads that are privately owned by enthusiasts . Most are diesel however.

Maintenance, operating costs and Coast Guard regulations perhaps make large steamboat ownership less attractive. When you throw the economy at the mix it's difficult to fill a large boat with passengers who can afford the necessary ticket price, thus their demise.

On the other hand their seems to be a large ownership of steam launches in the 20 ft range. Check Earl Morse's site. I've been in touch with Earl.


Another site is that of Ken Brockway, a personal friend who has been working with me on the Fulton engine project.

My Sidewheeler - Steamboats,Model Engines and More!

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