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I totally agree with everything you've said and appreciate your response. My heart is in the right place but my wallet can't keep up. Like Travis said if the boat was anywhere near our stretch of river I'd be at the stage volunteering my services. I've been fortunate to have opportunities to volunteer first for the last three months the BONNIE BELLE ran out of Cincinnati (A venture that failed due to market saturation and lack of advertising) and most recently on the BARBARA H (trying to keep her going as a dockside attraction vessel). I've had a lot of people my age ask me why I do it, as if volunteering was a dirty word. My simple response is I've done it for the experience of doing it. I truly hope someone out there will give the Julia Belle a second chance at life and if it means volunteer labor to operate and maintain her that there are enough folks wherever she docks to get the job done. My letter to the journal was simply my effort to draw attention to her situation since the owner hasn't advertised her for sale.

Wonder if Alan Bernstein would consider buying her just so he'd have a real steamboat to "race" against the Belle. Another pipe dream.

Thanks to all for your responses, all make very valid points.

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