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Alan is right, but so is Lexie. The rivers of this country are invisible; knowledge of navigation on them is non-existent. There are execptions to this - folks who live in close proximity to the Ohio above Louisville and the Upper Miss above, say, Hannibal, are somewhat aware of the river and its commercial traffic. Almost no one else is.

I can't tell you the number of times someone has asked Sharon in the city of Memphis, TN, "Where is Bob now?" "On the way to [say] Nashville." "NASHVILLE?!? TENNESSEE?!? The Mississippi River doesn't go by Nashville!" These are educated people saying this. I used to always recommend a trip from St. Louis to St. Paul for those wanting to take a steamboat trip. Invariably they'd ask, "Oh, there's a river at St. Paul?"

In addition to money and time, a massive advertising campaign would need to be mounted. We old-timers talk about Betty Blake and what she did; you need somebody like that, and let's face it, she was gifted. I'm not saying this could not be done, but it would be WORK. As Alan said, it has to be run as a business.
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