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Those steam trains are owned and operated by railroad fan clubs. The members buy and refurbish the locomotives. They make arrangements for traffic rights or they buy branch lines outright. They then operate and maintain them by selling trips to others. They run them as businesses.

For years members of have been giving free advice to the DQCo and others. Why not try it yourselves?

You have spent thousands riding the Queen boats. Why not invest a few of those thousands to leasing the Julia Belle Swain (along with its officers), then operating her as you wish. You wash the windows and paint the stairs. You clean her and throw the lines. Promote her as the railfans do, maybe even in the various railfan journals. Tramp her along the rivers. The problems are no larger or more costly than those faced and met by the steam train enthusiasts.

Form an association. Incorporate. Find out how many DQ enthusiasts can serve or invest. Those railfans wash the windows, fire the boilers, sweep the cars, sell tickets and promote, promote, promote. They learn the techniques of operating steam locomotives and get the necessary licenses. Why can't you do the same for steamboats? Set out to do it, then do it.

Win or lose you can make your dreams real. Belly-aching will never accomplish it. Others will not do it for you.
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