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Default Steam Trains vs. Steamboats


Got to thinking last night about the decline of the inland steamboat population and somehow I got to thinking about just how many scenic railways there are in the United States that are running steam locomotives. Many of which have been brought out of retirement. Because I am not closely associated with any groups that operate steam trains I do not know if they have suffered similar loses in engines running compared to the boats not running. Obviously there are big differences in the daily operation of these two different modes of transportation, but why are the steam trains seemingly making it and the boats going by the wayside? Is there just more mainstream interest in trains then there is in boats? Is it a proximity/exposure thing? I'm curious and I know there are those on this board who like myself are also interested in steam locos as well as the boats who might be able to share thoughts. Maybe we could learn something from those who have brought steam trains back to life and how to sustain their operation.

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