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I was decoupaging something at a camp in the hill country of Texas in 1966, where I was one of the counselors. This means I was going through magazines and cutting out pictures to glue onto something. I was working through a Time magazine and saw this tiny little ad for the Delta Queen. I cut it out and kept it so that some day, when I got old, I could do that. A few years after later, the Safety At Sea thing blew up and it was all over the news. It's called ADVERTISING & PR, baby. As they say, there is no such thing as bad PR. However, anything that smacks of luxury these days is frowned upon. Those who still have gobs of money, and plenty do, are keeping it low key. But, this has not lessened the cutesy cruise ship advertising, which goes nauseatingly on and on. They can keep going by offering middle class fares and paying their third world country crew less and less. You can't do that in the old US of A, except to eliminate the money ******* egotistical CEOs with the brains of a chicken. But realistically, is that going to happen? Well, I kind of got off the track and on to my soap box, but that's my story. Look forward to other answers to your question.
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