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Originally Posted by Jim Reising View Post
That's what I've been saying for years now....why not here? River travel is growing by leaps and bounds in other parts of the world but it has disappeared completely from the Western Rivers of North America. In another thread an article said the QOW was about booked up for this season and things were looking good for next season. Why can't that happen on the Mississippi River system?
Jim, a couple of thoughts.

If the QOW does well, there's reason to be optimistic about the Mississippi Rivers. We took a very hard hit and it will still take a while to rebound.

Second, in researching the ACL site, out of curiosity, about employment. They are looking for a Cruise Director out west, suggesting that they haven't hired the two they will certainly need. Among the several expectations they have for a CD is to exceed the expectations of their affluent pax base. That's the word they used - affluent. I believe someone here quoted a price of 5k per person per week on the QOW. "Affluent" pax apparently were just waiting for a chance to get back on the river, but I have a feeling there may not be enough of them to support the 460 folks it would take to fill the AQ. Maybe there are, who knows. The Windstar boats seem to be doing well, and they are also "up there", suggesting to me that the days of regular DQSC frequent floaters may have to wait a while longer for a return to the old days.

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