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Default Street Organs

Thanks Keith for the kind words. We had a great time on Saturday with large, appreciative crowds and beautiful weather. I was sorry that the drizzling rain prevented me from going outside to play more tunes on Sunday.

Richard, I was the only organ grinder there but if you would like to hear more The Carousel Organ Association of America will have their first organ rally of the season at Lake Winnie Amusement Park in Chattanooga, TN Memorial Weekend. Some of us are even staying overnight on the DQ. Come on down to see and hear a bunch of organs from around the country. Admission to Lake Winnie is minimal. Not like Disney d;-)
If you register with COAA for the rally you will get in free, a free meal Saturday night, and unlimited rides! Quite the bargain. Check out our web site for registration information or give me a call.
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