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As always, it was great to see everybody and THANKS for your support of the museum. In the 18 year history of the festival, it was one of the best, despite the rain on Sunday. I especially wish to thank Judy for making the 400+ mile trek (each way) over here to volunteer her able assistance on the second deck both days. With over 800 people tromping through the mansion on Saturday, I wouldn't have survived without her! A BIG thanks, also, to affable "Organ Grinder Ted", a good friend to the museum (and to all of us!) for cranking out his lilting melodies to the delight of all.

Ruth Richter Heffern, Loretta Howard's granddaughter, was in attendance on Saturday and, looking over the grounds teeming with activity, said to me, "Wouldn't Grandmother be proud to see this?" Indeed she would!

See y'all on Saturday AUGUST 21st for program #6 in the RIVER RAMBLINGS series!
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