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Default Too Sad

To see these pics is just to sad. I have never ridden on a riverboat or a steamboat yet. The first one I ever saw in person that I can remember was the Delta Queen. The Mississippi Queen quickly became my favorite. Something about her pulled me. To see her traveling the river she doesn't look that bad. I wish I lived in or around New Orleans so I could have experience her sooner. It goes to show you just how fragile these boats are. A piece of property to be mistreated by thier owners and eventually sold for scrap. Which one is next. Or will any of the overnighters ever make it back to the rivers. Are any of the boats safe? Between the economy and falling intrest in the riverboats will any of them survive? I salute all who ever got to work on and ride the Mississippi Queen, your stories will keep her alive. She may never run the rivers but in my heat as well as yours. she will always be cruising. If you listen you can hear her whistle and colliope. Sweet sounds. "A fond kiss and then we sever. A farewell and then forever."
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