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Mary: Propane can be wicked stuff but it is much better used out-doors where the wind can take any leakage away and dilute it below the threshold of ignition. Propane is heavier than air and can settle in low spots...especially indoors...and travel far in search of an ignition source. MISSIE was and is fueled by propane and only one fellow in nine seasons refused to get it based upon the propane issue. I asked if his boat was fueled by gasoline and he said it was. I said that gasoline fumes could also travel in search of an ignition source and he shut up and got in MISSIE at Rising Sun. All had a good safe time but it needs to be kept in mind what can happen. When you think about all the folks, some of them fools perhaps who pump their own gasoline EVERY DAY and the very few accidents that happen. I have SEEN a man pump gasoline into his van holding the nozzle open and stargazing while doing so. When I saw what he was doing he was standing in a twenty-foot diameter puddle of gasoline totally surrounding his van. When he saw he was pumping gasoline onto and all over the ground, he got in and calmly drove off. The gal inside the service (?) station said: "Well, what do you want ME to do about it?". She obviously did NOT work on the DELTA QUEEN! Cap'n Walnut
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