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I looked on Bridge Cam on New Orleans, LA Local News, Breaking News, Sports & Weather - and she was still at Perry Street, where I left her 2years ago. I so hope this is not it. If it is....I have to remember a wise statement I heard just Wednesday night. It is so true here as well. "We had a good run, didn't we"?

If her time has come, we had a good run.

Through the tireless work of several hundred good steamboaters, the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN beat many odds and came out as a great steamboat, in the truest steamboat sense. We had a good run!

Don't forget, she was the last true steamboat. When she tied up at the Perry Street Wharf on the 5th of December 2007 to cool down for the last time she ended a run as the last totally authentic steamboat. She was the last to use her steam for everything aboard. The only diesel engines aboard her were for her bow thruster and emergancy generators. Her main generators and all other operations were entirely steam operated.

Today, historically speaking, I should be driving down Indiana 111 to meet up with the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN and follow her up to the Mc Alpine Lock and Dam. She would have already stopped in Brandenburg, KY today to let off the passengers who wanted to go to the Kentucky Oaks races at Churchill Downs. About 2 or 3pm she would amble into the lock and be raised into the upper pool. Then slowly she would proceed up Louisville and Portland Canal. She would come up into the Louisville harbour with her calliope playing and then a long, two shorts, a long and two shorts on the whistle later she woud tie up at the Louisville landing till Sunday evening, when her post Derby passnegers would board for the first spring trip to St. Louis. This always signaled the return to spring in the Ohio River valley....for several decades. We had a good run!

Its now all gone...there is no excitement on the river front today. No DELTA QUEEN will appear out of the fog tomorrow morning with her Derby passengers. The DELTA QUEEN and MISSISSIPPI QUEEN won't depart on dinner cruises after the Derby (a desperate attempt to get all their passengers back on board and accounted for)..followed by the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE as they ascend the Ohio River and come back to the landing round midnight. Those were beautiful times....I would spend the day on the landing visiting frends, fellow crew....We had a good run!

No "In The Good Old Summertime", no "Big Band Cruises", no "Civil War" cruises coming up this season. We had a good run!

Thanks to all of you who worked on her, worked for her, and made hers a life of creating magic for her passengers...."we had a good run"!

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