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When I posted information about the PATRICK J. HURLEY the other day, I was looking for a photo of the boat with tow locking up at Lock 11 here in Dubuque, so I could include it with that message. After a bit of rummaging in my file cabinet, I finally located the shot. Thumbnail 1 shows the HURLEY, probably in 1937 or 38, right after the lock was opened for traffic, pushing out of the chamber prior to making up her tow again before heading on upriver. Take a good look at the pool above the dam, and especially note the short outside guide wall on the riverward side of the main lock chamber. Compare that with thumbnail 2, taken about 25 years later (1962 or 63) with the DELTA QUEEN southbound on her St. Paul cruise in September. Notice the extension of the guidewall that is in place by this time, added to help pilots get their tows in shape for the lockage. And finally, thumbnail 3 shows the AMERICAN QUEEN locking up in July 2007, 45 years after the DQ picture was snapped. All three of these views were snapped from the blufftop viewing area in Eagle Point Park above L&D 11. A great place to snap pictures or record videos of river traffic. I have photos and videos of all three DQ steamboats and the JULIA BELLE SWAIN shot from up there. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the AVALON back in the late 50s and early 60s. Anyway, wanted to share this photo of the HURLEY when she was a regular fixture up in this neck of the woods.
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